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Introduce BYTN v5

Introduce v5, BYTN recreated, redesigned, a new identity.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I install the Wallet?
    To download the Wallet, click on the App button and then scroll down to panel. There you see all downloads.
  • How can I earn BYTN?
    You can earn BYTN by mining or creating a Masternode. You find the instructions in the Panel.
  • What is BYTN?
    BYTN is a new Cryptocurrency, built for Crypto mass adoption and Smart Contracts. BYTN is lightning fast and is fully decentralized.
  • Is BYTN trustworthy?
    Yes, we are. You can see our full Source Code on Github and our Platform is decentralized. Not any Staff from BYTN, nor any other person can freeze your wallet.

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